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 Basic Homunculus guide v1.0 and homunculus calculator

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Basic Homunculus guide v1.0 and homunculus calculator Empty
PostSubject: Basic Homunculus guide v1.0 and homunculus calculator   Basic Homunculus guide v1.0 and homunculus calculator Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2008 11:58 pm

Basic Homunculus Guide v1.0
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By SniperAngel - Posted on August 7th, 2007

Basic Homunculus Guide v1.0
User-friendly basic guide for Alchemical Pets
by SniperAngel

I. Introduction
II. Types
III. Leveling Guide
IV. Maintaining a Homunculus
V. Biochemist-Homunculus Skill Combos
VI. Calculator

I. Introduction
Homunculus is one of the best upgrades for the Alchemist class. It helped in leveling and offensive power, thus enhancing the efficacy of the class by up to 400%. This guide will serve as a basic interactive discussion about Homunculus and will be extended and compiled from time to time. Spammers will be warned, unfortunately.

II. Types
Homunculus have four types.

Note: The Stat Growth is per level basis and must be maintained all through out. The growth deviates as the homunculus levels up, it may rise or fall. You cannot control its growth, all growths are random that is why even though Vanilmirths must be INT based, you can get a LUK based Vanilmirth by chance.

Skills: Healing Hands, Urgent Escape, Brain Surgery
Evolution Skill: Mental Charge
Homunculus Type: Restoration- Supportive

Of all types of Homunculus, Lif fetched the highest chance in brewing because of the INT in the AB-Biochemists? stat. This green fairy specializes on healing its master or even other players. Sweet isn?t it? Every heal she gives cost a Red Slim Potion (yes, this is not ordinary Lv10 Heal that costs only SP). She is also rated fairly in terms of attacking capabilities that is why most Biochemists turn her down and chose another type because she is only limited to just healing and some movement buff.

Stat Growth [based on author's preference]
HP: 80.00
SP: 7.00
STR: 0.40
AGI: 0.80
VIT: 0.75
INT: 0.89
DEX: 0.80
LUK: 0.40

Skills: Caprice, Instruction Change, Chaotic Blessings
Evolution Skill: Bio Explosion
Homunculus Type: Magical- Offensive

This jelly ranked second in the chance because like a typical Mage, this Homunculus relies on the Biochemist?s INT in order to call one successfully. Branded as a well balanced Homunculus, Vanilmirth is gifted to possess offensive magical skills to aid him and his master in battle. No wonder in other servers most high leveled Homunculi are Vanilmirth. This is because of its well-balanced frame. Think of a mage with dodging capabilities of a thief and melee prowess of a swordsman.

Stat Growth [based on author's preference]
HP: 90.00
SP: 3.00
STR: 1.10
AGI: 1.20
VIT: 1.10
INT: 1.40
DEX: 1.30
LUK: 1.10

Skills: Castling, Amistr Bulwark, Adamantium Skin
Evolution Skill: Bloodlust
Homunculus Type: Physical- Defensive

The lamb that looks like a ball of cotton but is as tough as steel. This is Amistr. Boasting extra-hard frame and lots of HP, Amistr protects its master from harm. Basically the tank of the Biochemist-Homunculus relationship. Endures the pain monsters give to him as his master tear them apart one by one. And yes, Amistr is the only Homunculus that can help you survive ruthless attacks through Castling. Downside? MDEF. And its Castling skill does not work in War of Emperium.

Stat Growth [based on author's preference]
HP: 100.00
SP: 1.90
STR: 1.00
AGI: 0.80
VIT: 0.80
INT: 0.15
DEX: 0.70
LUK: 0.50

Skills: Moonlight, Fleeting Move, Accelerated Flight
Evolution Skill: SBR44
Homunculus Type: Physical- Offensive

This is basically the physical counterpart of Vanilmirth and the agile counterpart of Amistr. This little blue bird is stronger than its size. It basically works like the Hunters? falcon, but with better features. It has this skill called Moonlight that inflicts 660% ATK, that?s almost as good as a zennyless Mammonite. It works like the AB Biochemists? right arm, to inflict physical damages to the enemy.

Stat Growth [based on author's preference]
HP: 60.00
SP: 4.00
STR: 0.90
AGI: 1.00
VIT: 0.20
INT: 0.60
DEX: 0.80
LUK: 0.40

III. Leveling Guide
Note: This is the classic leveling spots, do as you will if you think there are maps better than these in proportional to experience+ levelling effort. And leveling spots may be advanced or delayed depending on your homunculus stat growth.

1-20 Poporing : Poring Island
21-60 Metaling: Einbroch Field
61-99 Bathories: Aldebaran

1-40 Metaling: Einbroch Field
41-70 Zenorcs: Orc Dungeon
71-99 Alarms and Bathories: Aldebaran or Agriope: Mt. Mjolnir

1-60 Metaling: Einbroch Field
61-99 Kobolds: Geffen or Bathories: Aldebaran or Agriope: Mt. Mjolnir

1-30 Metaling: Einbroch Field
31-50 Zenorcs: Orc Dungeon
51-99 Alarms/Bathories: Aldebaran or Pitmans: Einbech Mines or Agriope: Mt. Mjolnir

IV. Maintaining a Homunculus
A homunculus is like leveling another character. But it requires less exp to reach Lv99. Unlike summoned plants, it is not an extension of the Alchemist but a totally different character. Homunculus starts from an embryo which is obtainable thru the Bioethics Quest, the basis of the Homunculus [I'll post the Bioethics guide some other time.]

A Homunculus can reach Lv99. You cannot leech it, it must level by himself by doing damage to the enemy so it gains exp. It gets an aura and as an added bonus, it can evolve.

Evolution is achieved when a Homunculus reaches the highest possible intimacy, which is Loyal. You can raise the homunculus intimacy by feeding it with the designated food for the homunculus. to evolve your homunculus, you must have an item called the Stone of Sage.

10 - 250 Akward
251 - 500 - Shy
501 - 700 - Neutral
701 - 910 - Cordial
911 - up - Loyal <---Evolution Available

Evolution Benefits
Better Sprite [well depends on your taste]
Additional Stats
One Additional Homunculus Skill

Homunculus Food
Lif= Pet Food
Filir= Garlet
Vanilmirth= Scell
Amistr= Zargon

Feeding should be monitored as homunculus gets hungry from time to time. What are the consequences of negligence? well, you may lose your homunculus when hunger reaches 0. And in case there is little value left in the hunger bar, the intimacy invested lowers down thus delaying evolution.

There is a hunger bar at the lower portion of the homunculus status screen [alt+R]. Ideally, feed your homunculus once by the time the bar turns red [24 in numerical value]. It is advised to feed your homunculus at that level to gain 1 intimacy point. Do not overfeed your homunculus or it will not give off a full 1 intimacy, instead it will be 0.5 or even 0.25. Lower than 1= delayed intimacy growth= delayed loyal= delayed evolution.

IV. Skill Combos [Homunculus-Biochemist Tag]

Using Biochemical skills alone is already effective. But adding more flavor to the skill will further enhances its efficacy. Below is a partial list of skill combos that may prove helpful in pvp, and the field.

Channeling Damsel
Skills Required: Urgent Escape, Rest, Call Homunculus
By juggling the three skills, continually use Urgent Escape. This combination dramatically increases the movement speed increase duration by up to 700%.

Foliage Station
Skills Required: Bio Cannibalize, Evolved Lif, Acid Bomb
By installing several plants around the Biochemist [preferably Parasite], turn your tag team into a Mini-Forest? err.. Mini Battle Station. Activate the Lif?s Mental Charge to add more firepower to incoming enemies.

Double Restore
Skill Required: Healing Hands, Potion Pitcher
Use Healing Hands and Potion Pitcher on the same target. It can act as if two healers heal the target simultaneously because Healing Hands delay is separate from Potion Pitcher delay.

Magic Bomb
Skill Required: Acid Bomb, Caprice
Throw Acid Bomb and initiate Caprice simultaneously at the same target. Overall damage is increased by up to 60% because of two separate damage factors [Neutral and Magical Attack].

Agar Rave
Skills Required: Bio Cannibalize, Vanilmirth, Acid Bomb
By installing several plants around the Biochemist [preferably Parasite or Hydra], turn your tag team into an adjustable siege bunker. You can combine Agar Rave combo with Magic Bomb.

Ultimate Desolator: The 41-hit Combo
Skills Required: Acid Bomb, Caprice, Bio Explosion, Evolved Vanilmirth
Tekken Reference: Acid Bomb+ Caprice+ Caprice+ Acid Bomb+ Caprice+ Caprice+ Bio Explosion.
Best used with a manual AI to control the release of Caprice and to be timed with Acid Bomb.

Flaming Swallowtail Tackle
Skills Required: Flitting, Moonlight, Acid Bomb
Initiate the combo with Flitting. Then skill spam the target with Moonlight and finally Acid Bomb as a finishing strike.

The Rise of The Phoenix
Skills Required: Flitting, Moonlight, SBR44, Evolved Filir, Acid Bomb
This is believed to be the most powerful existing Homunculus-Biochemist skill combo. The total damage can even break the 100000 barrier. Almost like a Champion?s Extremity Fist. But the downside is that you can only use this rarely because SBR drains intimacy points per use. After the execution of Acid Bomb, eliminate the enemy by attacking him with the Filir?s 4th skill, SBR44.

V. Calculator
Homunculus Status Calculator
^--Works in Internet Explorer and Opera. Use that to determine how your homunculus growth is and compare it with the standards.

other calc. i tink its quite accurate

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Basic Homunculus guide v1.0 and homunculus calculator
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